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An extra perk for your staff

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What is        Open? 

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O2 Open is a platform that enables you to give your employees access to discounts off of their mobile phone bill. Not only that but if your employees are not already signed up to O2, joining O2 comes with a host of benefits including; Priority, My O2 and also they will get money off of their bill.  

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Keeping your team working together

It is often said that a company's employees are it's most valuable asset and ensuring that your employees are engaged and happy with their work is becoming one of the biggest priorities for employers.  

O2 Open is designed to give your employees money off of their phone bill each month.  With mobile phone expenses being one of the most consistent and ever increasing bills consumers pay out, giving your employees and work force the ability to save money on their phone bill is a very sought after perk. 

Contact one of our account managers today and see how we could help save your staff money each month on their phone bill.  



Contact the         Open team

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New business Enquiry?

Are you a business looking to get O2 Open perks for your workforce?  Please click the button below and get in touch with an O2 Open Account Manager. 

General enquiry

Interested in O2 Open but need some more information.  Please use the general enquiries form below, and a member of our team will get back to you.

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