About Us

Alongside our 16 stores, Celfone also includes two other departments, our Customer Relations Team and our Business Solutions Team, both based in Leicester.  Our teams are dedicated to call based communications with both business and consumer customers.

We are particularly proud of our Investors in People accreditation, which recognises the outstanding management, communications and training and is a clear indicator of the time and dedication we invest in our teams.


From the pride in our people to work within our communities, Celfone works tirelessly to give back to our local communities and charities through various channels.  Our in-house community team work across the communities they serve hand in hand with local charities, to deliver workshops focused around technology, empowering families about online digital safety. 


Continuing to grow and progress, Celfone work hard to strengthen each aspect that influences and inspires our business foundations.  

Meet the HQ Team.

Manny Singh
Managing Director
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Manny likes to stay in shape, he uses a Fitbit to keep track of his steps.  You can also find Manny posting funny gifs and images to the company Whatsapp groups.

Steve Gill
Head of Legal & Acquisitions
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'Legal Steve' as he is known in Celfone, is our go to for all things Legal.  He loves holidays and is also a keen property developer.

Sudhir Tanna
Head of Accounts
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Sudhir is the controller of the numbers in Celfone.  He is a keen family man and spends time with them when he's not swimming in numbers.

Amanda Allen
Head of Sales & Service
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Amanda Manages the Celfone Area Sales and Business teams. Her role consists of ensuring the sales and customer experience aspect of the business is performing. 

Paul Smalley
Area Manager
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Paul is our Superstar Area Manager.

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Puneet Gandhorkia
Commission & Data Analyst
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Puneet is a skilled Data Analyst working across commissions in Celfone.

Indi Bolla
Business & Commercial Development Manager
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Indi is our Business Solutions, known internally as the "SMB Guy".

Bina Nataly 
Stock Controller
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Bina is the Stock Controller for Celfone and manages all stock allocation, rotation and management across the Celfone Family

Ben Collington
Community & Service Lead
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Ben is the Celfone Community & Service Lead.  Ben lives and breaths Tech and customer experience and has a wealth of knowledge. 

Jo Fuller
Audit and Compliance Manager
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Jo is Celfone's Audit and Compliance Manager.

Andrea Cashin
HR & Operations Assistant
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Andrea is Celfone's HR & Operations Assistant.

Chitrali Shah
Financial Controller
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Chitrali works within our Accounts team with Sudhir, Sonal and Vimal.

Vimal Rana
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Vimal works alongside Sudhir and Chitrali in Accounts.  Vimal likes to keep himself in shape.

Sachin Vaid
Store & Call Centre Manager
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Sachin is our Beaumont Leys Store Manager and also Manages our Call Centre Team.

Sonal Joshi 
Finance Assistant
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Sonal works within the Celfone Finance team with her colleagues; Sudhir, Vimal and Chitrali

Amisha Patel
Recruitment & Operations Administrator
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Amish is Celfone's Recruitment & Administration Assistant