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We Innovate, It's What We Do

Only a number of weeks since we ushered in the start of a new decade, Celfone is already leading the charge on innovation throughout the O2 Franchise landscape and is expanding its digital and physical presence, offering new and forward thinking digital platforms and experimental physical shopping experiences.

Celfone Trading ltd is one of the leading O2 Franchise partners in the UK and is known as a company for its ability to push the envelope and expand its horizons. In 2019, Celfone led the charge with physical shopping experiences when they opened up an experimental Guru Garden experience for holiday makers and Shoppers at the iconic, Fantasy Island resort in Ingoldmells near Skegness. This move opened up new markets and attracted people to the O2, whilst affirming the brand as being accessible and available when you need us, even when you’re on holiday.

The store was welcomed by holiday makers in the area who loved the convenience of having the pop-up store located in walking distance from their holiday home, in the most ideal location. One shopper said, “Personally, I wasn’t planning on ordering the WiFi at the holiday camp as it is just so expensive, however, when i saw that O2 were here at Fantasy Island, after talking with the amazing staff, I walked away with a fantastic purchase on a WiFi hotspot, and also i was due for an upgrade on my phone which i was able to do there and then, so ultimately it was a win win situation for me! Very convenient.”

Alongside Celfone’s innovations in Ingoldmells, the company also expanded their O2 Open offering by appointing a new O2 Perks Manager. Kerry Foster who has worked in Celfone Trading for a number of years as the Store Manager O2 Newark, moved into the role and instantly made an impression. Having somebody at the forefront of driving the O2 experience into workplaces has really increased the experience Celfone is able to offer its customers through this method. Since coming on board, Kerry has forged new relationships in small independent companies to large multinationals, educating the teams in the business about the benefits of O2 and the discounts they can received, all through their workplace.

Moving into 2020, Celfone has plans to expand and grown its digital offering and abilities. Launching a brand new group website in February 2020 with individual store pages. This innovation opens up new marketing avenues that were not present previously. Alongside our new group website, the Guru, O2 Business, O2 Open and stores teams all continue to look ahead to 2020 with a fresh approach and a creative eye, remaining open to change and adaptation as Celfone strives to lead the way in the O2 Retail Franchise landscape.

If you wish to contact Celfone HQ, our individual stores or internal HQ teams, please go to our contact page for further details.

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